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The Blevins Name

Blevins is a patronymic form of the Welsh name Blevin, from the given name Bleiddyn which meant “Wolf Cub” from blaidd = wolf + -yn (a diminutive suffix). Blaidd was often used among the early Welsh to describe a hero. Blethyn is a variation. Blevins, Pleavins, Plevin, Pleven, Pleaden are patronymic forms (those beginning with P are derived from ap’Blevin , meaning “son of Blevin).


If you are a Blevins who has connections to the Cox, Gately, or McGlamery family, I have a history of the Cox family that was produced by Neva McGlamery Trousdale in October of 1995. It has family history, old letters, pictures of old homesteads, info written in the family Bible, etc. Lots of data. I can reproduce it for you and send it via US Post if you are interested. There is also a picture taken around 1906 that shows the Blevins/Cox/Gately family. It looks like it was taken at a family reunion, about 30 some odd people present. My grandfather, James Macon Blevins, is there as a young lad. It is now posted here, and I’ve tried to identify everyone in the picture. If you want to see it, this will open up a new window, okay? click here — Blevins Family Picture

Also, I’d like to encourage a lot more input from people who have geneology information on their site, or Blevins folks who have their own personal website. I would be more that glad to post a link to your site. Send me an email and give me the address.

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  1. This is Robert Michael Blevins from Seattle. My ancestors did come mostly from Wales, although some may have originated in Scotland. I didn’t know there WAS a Blevins dot com until now. Nice pictures of the trip, I must say.